The past few years has seen increased bear activity in Arnold.  Bears have gotten into homes and vehicles, damaging and destroying property. The bears are searching for food, so for your safety and theirs, please:

Keep all food inside, except for when you are eating outside. Outdoor barbeques should be monitored at all times. When finished, clean the grill and grease trap.

Only store garbage inside or in a metal bear enclosure, making sure that the door latches closed completely.

Scented items, such as suntan lotion, insect repellent and soaps should be used and kept inside.

Don’t leave children unattended.

Keep all doors and bear-accessible windows (not just the screens) closed at night and when you are not at home.

Do not approach the bears, and do not feed them or other wildlife.

If you ever encounter a bear, Blue Lake Springs Homeowners Association recommends: Make noises like clapping, yelling, banging on pots and pans, or blowing an air horn.  As a last resort it is a good idea to have pepper spray available and to take it with you when walking.

Even though they can be brown in color, the bears we have in California are black bears (in comparison to grizzlies, aka brown bears).